October 29, 2011

DIY:Make your own cream blush

Winter's here and although i like my powder blushes just fine,i prefer cream blushes for winter.Did i mention i'm very into making my own cosmetic products?(hence the dream of opening a cosmetics line.haha!)
Today i'm going to teach you how to make your very own cream blush.I'm choosing a pink colour for the blush,you may choose whatever colour you want-Peach or plum,if you have the pigments.

What you need:
  • You need a clean container to mix in the ingredients.I used a cupcake baking cup,lol.My boyfriend loves baking.I'm a lucky girl aren't I? :)
  • A spatula/lip brush to mix the ingredients in(a toothpick will do just fine).
  • A thick cream.I'm using Vaseline's Total Moisture 24 hr moisturising cream.You may use whatever thick cream you have.But it should not be runny and greasy.
  • Pigments.For this you may use eyeshadows or blush in the choice of your colour.I have pink blushes so i used them.
  • Foundation/Base.This will help the colours pop and last long.I used the Base of my Lotus Perfect tint foundation.
Lets's start!
Get your stuff ready

Maybelline blush-Berry Sorbet
Lotus foundation base
  • Transfer the amount of cream you desire in to the container.
  • Scrape the blush with the back of a spoon and transfer it into the container.You may keep adding till you get the intensity of colour you desire.You may add lipstick scrapings too.I mostly used my Maybelline blush in Berry Sorbet with a dash of my Clinique blush in Smoldering Plum.
  • Mix the contents well.
  • Add a pea sized amount of makeup base into it.I used Lotus My Perfect Tint foundation.It has two tubes consisting of a makeup base,and the other holds the Tint.
  • Mix well.
  • Extra- If you are a glitter person,you may add a dash of shimmery eyeshadow into it.Don't over do it,or you'll end up looking like a disco ball.My Maybelline blush already had shimmers in it,so i skipped this step.

Mix it up!
Without and With Flash

Result- A beautiful dewy pink cream blush :)

Oh, i discovered a Boy Band! A Boy Band in the '00's! I thought they were all extinct! Anyway,i liked what i heard.I may prefer rock and blues but 'm not the type who'd troll Youtube with hate messages on Justin Beiber or any pop group's channel.lol.That's just wrong.Anyway,here they are-The Wanted.

Stay beautiful.Inside and out <3


Martina said...

Arrey vaah.. :p
I learnt something newwwww...
thanks Kindy <3

kindy said...

You're welcome Marty! <3

Holly said...

I think Im going to try this later on today! :)

kindy said...

@Holly-Goodluck! :)

riya jain said...

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Allison Arcand said...

Does it have to be face cream?

Allison Arcand said...

Does it have to be face cream?

kindy said...

@Allison: thanks for dropping by! it doesnt have to be specifically a face cream.just something thick and not runny/watery :)

AskSarah said...


How do you store this and how long does it last? As in, will it go off?


kindy said...

@asksara: hi!I stored in an old Lip balm container. I'm sorry its been almost a year that i last tried this so my memory's a bit foggy,but it lasts a few hours depending upon the strength of pigment you add in it.