October 25, 2011

Review:VLCC Gold Facial Kit

When Gold facials and Diamond facials were introduced,it caused a bit of a furor in India.Everybody wanted one.Indians take their bling seriously.All beauty parlours started Gold facial services.It was (and still is) expensive.Because it's apparently "real" Gold.I haven't had a Gold facial as yet,but when i saw this kit at the departmental store i grabbed it.So i can compare it with the one i plan to get at the parlour.
This pack retails at Rs 150 (around $3) in India and Rs 238 in Nepal.

The Product:
The kit comes with 4 sachets-
1)Gold scrub
2)Gold peel off mask
3)Gold gel
4)Gold cream
 It came with a free tube of their Surya Sandalwood SPF 20 Sun block.I can't stand the smell of sandalwood so i gave it to my maid.
The sachets are enough to be used twice.

Product Description:
The VLCC Gold Facial with 24 carat pure gold,gives a natural luster and youthful radiance to the skin.It retains moisture as well as increases skin flexibility and smoothness.

Gold Scrub:

 Key ingredients: Extracts of Aloe vera,Sandalwood,Raisin & Turmeric.Gold Oxide,Xanthan gum,dimethicone,Triclosan.
According to instructions,you're supposed to massage this for 5 mins.
This is probably my favourite product from the kit.It's not abrasive,yet has enough micro beads and thick soft flakes in it that scrub well.My skin looks brighter after using this.

Gold Peel Off Mask:
Key Ingredients: Extracts of Aloe vera,sandalwood,Lemon Peel,Turmeric,Gold leaf,Triclosan.

The consistency is really thick and smells strongly of alcohol.I hate it when companies think we're dumb enough to believe that only 5 "key ingredients" went into the making of a product.
However,it does the job.My skin feels cleaner after peeling it off.

Gold Gel:
Key ingredients: Extracts of Turmeric,Galnut & Sandalwood,Gold leaf,Allantoin.

I massage this till its gets absorbs.It's light weight and non sticky.

Gold Cream:
Key ingredients: Extracts of Galnut,Wheatgerm,Rosepetals,Turmeric & Sandalwood,Gold Oxide,Dimethicone,Vit E &Vit C.

I like this cream.its suitable for winter.Nourishing yet not too heavy.The instructions are to massage this for 15-20 minutes.But i have neither the patience nor the strength to go at it for so long so i just massage it for 5 minutes.I have oily skin and didn't notice any oiliness after application.However after a few hours,my face required setting with powder .

What I say:
All the products are to be used in chronological order.
After use,my skin has a visible brightness.Although,it didn't give me any drastic results like the Saffron Facial i had at the parlour last month.That was amaze.My facial lasted 2 hours and consisted of alot of facial massage.
So,point in note-If you want a proper Gold facial or any facial treatment for that matter,a beauty parlour is going to be your best bet.
Facial home kits and face masks are more like stand-ins.They're good.But if you want the real deal,you have to shell out the time and cash for one.
All in all,this is not a bad buy.

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Probably yes.

Stay beautiful


Martina said...

I didn't know this was available in the market..:O i've seen it in the parlour though..
Is it really worth a try?
p.s: once used,would 'people' stop and take a second glance at me?? :p :p :p (hahahahahaha)
Happy diwali

kindy said...

well for 150 bucks its worth it.If you want the full advantage,id say get it done in a parlour.Because you won't get the full benefit of it then.Happy diwali to you too!xoxo